Fireguard U Video Training Series Episode 1 – Low Point Drain Maintenance

Don’t let the cold of winter catch you unprepared! Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your fire sprinkler systems if they are not properly maintained. Fireguard is ready to help! Here are some tips to get your systems prepared.

The “low point drain” also known as “drum drip” is an auxiliary drain for dry pipe sprinkler systems installed in areas subject to freezing. When water that has entered the piping system, either because the valve has tripped or from the condensation of moisture from the compressed air in the system, it must be drained to prevent freezing. 

Drum drips are required to be installed for sections of piping containing five or more gallons of trapped water. The condensate nipple allows for the collection and removal of water and moisture from the system without allowing the loss of air that may inadvertently trip, or operate, the dry pipe valve. 

If you want to learn more about low point drains or (drum drips), make sure you contact Fireguard.


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