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For facilities with sensitive equipment or data, or for areas like commercial kitchens that are at higher risk for special types of fire hazards, Fireguard installs, services and inspects fire suppression systems, including FM-200 systems, special hazards systems, and commercial kitchen hood systems.

As a leader in technical proficiency and innovative approaches to fire suppression, Fireguard’s technicians can design and install a system uniquely tailored to your facility’s needs. For more than 45 years, Fireguard has kept sensitive facilities throughout the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. region safe with a range of fire systems.


For data centers, government buildings, hospitals and other facilities that need to safeguard delicate electronic equipment from traditional water-based fire sprinkler systems, FM-200 is a system that can respond with speed and without the use of water. FM-200 is among the fastest fire suppression systems in use, capable of spraying gas that can extinguish fires in as little as 10 seconds. Our technicians can install an FM-200 fire suppression system that can protect your facility but save your equipment in the event of a fire.

Special Hazards

Areas that require special hazards fire suppression include a wide range of facilities, such as testing facilities, healthcare facilities, data centers, museums, and archives. Any area that contains assets or equipment that is extremely valuable, or irreplaceable, such as sensitive data or works of art. Protecting these areas from fire can be a challenge that traditional sprinkler systems are not up to.

A special hazards fire suppression is designed to quickly detect fire or heat and suppress fires in a way that limits the loss of equipment or assets in the area. Special hazards fire suppression systems consist of complex detection and components, which require experienced technicians for installation, service, and inspection.

Kitchen Hood Systems

The constant presence of open flames, and combustible elements like animal fats and vegetable oils make commercial kitchens one of the most common environments where it’s critical.

Fireguard offers extensive capabilities in maintaining and servicing kitchen hood systems for restaurants and commercial kitchens throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Fireguard provides fire suppression installation, repair and inspection throughout Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and the entire Mid-Atlantic region.