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Fire extinguishers are among the most effective and affordable means for protecting your property from fire damage. Many fires begin small, at a single location, and can often easily be suppressed using the appropriate type of fire extinguisher. This proactive response can save people and property from harm, or contain the fire until emergency response professionals arrive.

Fireguard provides sales, service and inspection of fire extinguishers of all types to the Mid-Atlantic region. Our experienced technicians can inspect, service, or recommend and supply the appropriate size and type for every specific location and application throughout your facility. Whether you’re operating a commercial kitchen and the inherent possibility of grease fires, a manufacturing plant with the potential for electrical or chemical combustion, or simply an office or apartment building in need of affordable fire suppression options, we can equip you appropriately, and maintain your equipment thereafter.

Fire extinguishers are classified according to the type of fires they are effective against. Depending on the type of fire hazards your property may face, our technicians will recommend an extinguisher to combat one or more of the following fire types:

  • Class A Fires – typical combustible materials, such as paper, wood, and some plastics
  • Class B Fires – flammable or combustible liquids, like oil oil-based paints, solvents, or alcohols
  • Class C Fires – energized electrical equipment
  • Class D Fires – combustible metals like sodium, lithium, or magnesium
  • Class K Fires – cooking appliances and cooking oils and fats

Fire Extinguisher Service, Repair & Recharging

In addition to regular testing and inspection, your fire extinguishers may need service, repair or recharging. We are prepared to complete these tasks for you while performing on-site inspections so there is no downtime in making sure your property’s extinguishers remain fully operational.

Fire Extinguisher Testing & Inspectionsextinguishers-thumb

We join you in hoping that your fire extinguishers will never have to be used, but in the event of a fire emergency, it’s imperative that they are ready to carry out their purpose. Regular testing and inspection is the only way to be certain. Our technicians can perform a physical and visual inspection of the extinguisher and update the necessary documentation at the required regular intervals.

All fire extinguishers require an annual inspection. During this inspection, our trained technicians will thoroughly examine each extinguisher to determine if any condition is present that could impede its operation or whether the device is physically damaged in any way that would require repair or replacement. Every six years, pressurized fire extinguishers require more extensive testing, which includes, among other procedures, disassembling the extinguisher for an internal inspection and recharging the device. Hydrostatic testing is also recommended at the 12-year mark.

Fire Extinguisher Sales

As essential, yet relatively affordable as fire extinguishers are, a surprising number of businesses do not replace outdated fire extinguishers. Of equal concern, they may have the wrong type of fire extinguisher for their application. Using the wrong type of fire extinguisher has the unintended potential to even magnify fire damage by spreading instead of suffocating the source of combustion. Let our technicians evaluate your facility, including the type of fire hazards you may face, and recommend the right fire extinguisher solution for your operations.

Fireguard offers sales, service and inspection of fire extinguishers of all types at locations all over Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and the entire Mid-Atlantic region.