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When it comes to protecting your property and the people in your facility from fire, early warning and a fast response alarms can make the difference in preventing a catastrophe. A properly installed, maintained, and inspected fire alarm system is essential to instantly alert occupants of a building and summon emergency personnel when necessary.

Today’s fire alarm systems are increasingly technological. For over four decades, Fireguard has set the standard for training and technical proficiency among our technicians, with a state-of-the-art training facility that allows our workforce to stay one step ahead of improvements in fire alarm design and operation.

Fireguard is one of the top fire protection service providers, providing fire alarm installation, maintenance, and inspection services to companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. We have the experience, workforce, and capability to perform fire alarm services on facilities of any size and type.

Fire Alarm Installation Services

To ensure the safety of your building and your people, the fire alarm system we install will be designed with the capabilities you require. From smoke and heat detection systems to voice evacuation and mass notification systems, the capabilities of your system will match the unique requirements of your operations and your facility. Our lead technicians are all NICET-certified, and your system will be engineered to meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), as well as any local and state requirements.

Fire Alarm Service & Repairalarms-thumb

From basic, hard-wired fire alarm panels to complex, addressable, multiplex systems, all benefit from periodic maintenance. When you trust your fire alarm system to Fireguard, we will take all the necessary steps to keep your system in optimal condition, so that it performs reliably when it’s most needed. With preventative maintenance and regular inspections, you’ll be far less likely to need our emergency fire alarm repair services, however, in the rare but inevitable event that you’re faced with a system impairment, our service department will be ready – day or night.

Fire Alarm Testing & Inspections

The worst time to find out that your fire alarm system is not able to perform its designated function is during an emergency. Regular testing and inspection of your fire alarm system will guard against such an occurrence. Our technicians use the most current procedures and equipment on every inspection we conduct, thoroughly testing and inspecting every component in your system for correct operation. In addition to identifying unseen deficiencies, regularly-scheduled inspections can reduce false alarms by ensuring your smoke detectors are optimized to the correct sensitivity level. Our technicians are supplied with mobile devices for access to previous inspection reports and pertinent, site-specific data. Your benefit as a Fireguard customer is in receiving a clear, concise, professional inspection report for your records.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

A fire alarm system is only as good as the personnel monitoring and responding to its signals. Fireguard provides fire alarm monitoring, with professional operators that are trained to identify and respond to incoming information from your system, notifying emergency personnel and responsible parties as needed. Considering that responsive action can make the difference that saves your facility from significant loss of property, be sure that you choose a fire alarm monitoring company that you can trust.


Fireguard installs, inspects, services and monitors fire alarm systems at locations throughout Maryland, Virginia Washington, D.C., and the entire Mid-Atlantic region.